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03-30-09 Quote of the Day

March 30, 2009

Marten: Now when you meet Dora I’ll know you’re imagining her naked and it’ll be weird. 

Tai: You are aware there are probably a bunch of people who dated her before you who’ve actuall SEEN her naked, right?

Marten: I’d like to pretend those people were killed in a series of seperate and increasingly unlikely skiing accidents.  Avalanche into a minefield, polar bear with a sniper rifle, yeti with a penchant for devouring ex-boyfriends…

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Quote of the Day 03-28-09

March 29, 2009

It’s not a new quote, but it was quoted multiple times today, which is pretty hard considering its context, so I figured it was worth posting.


Quote of 3-26-09

March 27, 2009

“She goes through men faster than a rabbit with a head of cabbage!!! um… she’s sweet, and funny and really spunky, but like I said….. cabbage.”

Quote of the day?

March 25, 2009
From Facebook earlier:
      Nicholas Wolkow is gonna eat soup and watch BOLT.
      William Melendez at 1:20pm March 25
          I liked Bolt. And soup is just the bees knees.
      Nicholas Wolkow at 1:26pm March 25
          I hope that the combination of excellent movie and the
          insecarean nature of the aforementioned meal turns
          out to truly be the feline’s nighttime apparel.

Lol, the feline’s nighttime apparel.

Phrase of the day!

March 25, 2009

Fluid bonding

Think it sounds funny or a bit dirty?  Read the first line in the Wikipedia article.

Fluid bonding is the practice of sexual partners who explicitly choose to expose themselves to each other’s bodily fluids.” 

It’s truly sex without barriers.  Remember to condsider the risks before you fluid bond with someone. lol

The First Post!

March 23, 2009

This is the first official post!  

I have always wanted to have a blog but could never find anything worth blogging about.  Facebook does a good job of tracking my random moods but what it can’t do is keep up with my tendency to ramble endlessly nor can it accomodate my quote of the day, week, and potentially the month.  Enter the quote blog.  From my top movie quotes to the things that I hear and read on a daily basis, I will now share that with these gems of conversation with those unfortunate enough to patronize my virtual billboard.

I now have to find a cool layout and some widgets or something to make this seem like mine and less generically lame.  Stay tuned.