Where are you now?

I think I hate you now, more than ever. When I need you the most, you are contractually absent. No shouts of anger, bouts of violence nor songs of screaming rage can describe nor asuage my frustration and seething fury. A kind face with warm eyes, I am currently without. A man sentenced to solitary freedom. Why must you be who you are? Why did I ever meet you? Why did I ever meet either of you?


6 Responses to “Where are you now?”

  1. the whelp Says:

    was that just to hurt me? you knew i’d see it. there are so many things on my mind to say but none of them would matter, so i shall depart.

  2. the whelp Says:

    i realize i’m the bad guy, i’m the horrible one. but don’t you know that i’m also in pain? i look at my phone every morning and think of calling you. i go out and the radio plays that song and i have to change the station. some things will always make me think of you and there’s nothing i can do about it. i’m sorry. i don’t think this was how it was supposed to end. i guess “supposed to” doesn’t matter though. there’s no reason why it should. i’m sorry.

  3. the whelp Says:

    it appears i’m exceptionally good at making everything worse. it’s not a very comforting skill. from now on, i’ll try to keep my shakes and anger and angst and tears to myself. i shouldn’t have commented. but rest assured that i feel all the repercussions of what i did. or not. god knows i’ve given you absolutely nothing to believe in.

    it’s a shame that i’m so damn good with words but i can never say the right ones to you. i always, always fail. maybe i’m not as good as i think i am.

    • nivlemspeaks Says:

      My comment and feeling has nothing to do with words. My lamenting was at the fact that when I needed someone I looked to where you would have stood and there was no one. There was simply a void. I honestly don’t know what to say especially since we shouldn’t be talking at all.

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