Red Robin Survey

August 3, 2013

I found my experience with our waitress frustrating. I ordered water with lemon and the clucks and shrimp with BBQ sauce and no ranch. The waitress wrote down the order, then read it back to me, confirming everything I had ordered and didn’t want brought with my order. When my food and drink arrived, I had to request lemon again as well as the BBQ sauce for my chicken and the cocktail sauce for the shrimp. It’s incredibly common to receive ranch instead of BBQ sauce at your restaurant, as I regularly have this struggle with your wait staff, even when I order my meal with the line, “don’t bring ranch, your tip is reliant upon you not bringing it.” On this occasion, though, multiple points of the order were missed and my shrimp was rubbery, similar to when it is microwaved. This location is known for its slow and inconsistent service, so my expectations were fairly low to start, but I still find it frustrating to give explicit instructions to an adult experienced in order taking, and then have to follow up with corrections, as I have to do with a young child. I haven’t had this problem with Applebee’s, and if it weren’t for my son’s love of your restaurant branding, I’d simply avoid Red Robin to avoid this continuing struggle. I realize this is a seemingly small issue, but it’s come to the point that friends lobby for Red Robin just so that they can see me order and then shorten a tip and write a note on the receipt for the waiter not following meal instructions. I hope that this complaint can bring about some sort of change as I believe that, for a chain restaurant, your food is rather good and most of the locations that I’ve visited have excellent ambiance and service. 


An average of calm

February 7, 2011

Inside your are an emotional extremist.

Gym Ettiquette

February 4, 2011

I give them a smile and the crazy eyes, because I have no clue what’s going on.

Chemical behavior

February 1, 2011

You’re so much nicer and more pleasant to be around when you’re getting laid regularly. Why isn’t this being taken care of?

Pillow oath

January 31, 2011

You of all people should know better than to trust bedroom declarations and promises. Simply because they are from a female mouth, doesn’t make them any more reliable, nor truthful.


January 28, 2011

I guess for the exercise minded, it would be called interval sex.

Sack lunch?

January 24, 2011

You walked in with expectations and walked out with an empty paper bag, again.

Nerd v. Conventional

January 24, 2011

When you say, “Heed the call,” you take half the sexy out of the situation.

Milk crates and the where the beaches are all at

January 18, 2011

Your opinion, sir, is only valid as long as you are convenient. After which, you are cast aside. Because, don’t forget, you’re still second man.

Trading in securities and sweets

January 17, 2011

You’re letting inventory walk right out the door. Your proverbial cow is being milked in the back shed by a nonpaying customer. The worst part is that your cow is really a bull and it’s not being milked, its being butchered.